About Us


We would like to introduce ourselves as Albasha Rest & Bakeries Accessories Tr. working in the field of Food industry equipment to serve the increasing demand of large sector of activity in the Gulf Area The company is proud to introduce a team of staff who are experienced enough to serve the customers from planning to execution

  • Careful planning and objective.
  • Fast delivery and implementation.
  • When you meet customer demand.
  • One stop place for all your kitchen requirements

Our equipment lines include a wide variety of items that reflect our competence:

  • Cooling Units (Vertical and horizontal freezer, tables – refrigerators, pizza preparation fridges , ice cream displays , cakes displays as well as cooling rooms on demand.
  • Lines cookers, Grills, Fryers, boiling pan, Tilting Pan, ovens and all equipment hotline…
  • Dish Washers Equipment and basins and exit and Entry Tables
  • Equipment Juices and juicers, mixers, coolers and Slush machines and followed
  • Preparation Section: Cutting machines and slicers and meat choppers
  • Bakery section: decks ovens and rotary Ovens, mixers and chip spiral mixers, cake and all necessary equipment for the bakery